柯言:stay in shape是什么意思?女人为什么痴迷完美身材|雅思口语素材

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柯言:stay in shape是什么意思?女人为什么痴迷完美身材|雅思口语素材

  stay in shape是什么意思?完美身材,英语怎么说?



  You look like you're breaking up with the pizza, what's the matter? 你看起来像是要和披萨分手,怎么了?


  What's it called?what's the word for it? 叫什么?用什么词来形容?

  A muffin top 游泳圈(腹部赘肉)

  Waking up in the morning and recalling every single thing I ate the day before, counting every calorie I consume, so I know exactly how much self-loathing to take into the shower. 早上醒来,回想前一天吃的每一件东西,计算消耗的每一卡路里,然后我就知道自己有多讨厌洗澡了。

  I'm so tired of saying no. 我受够了说不。

  I'm having a relationship with my pizza. 我和我的披萨恋爱了。

  It is your moral imperative to eat and enjoy that pizza. 吃这个披萨并享受它是你的道德使命。


  unbuttoned my jeans 解开牛仔裤的扣子




  Everyone has the right to decide what to do to his or her body. However, these decisions should only be made of his or her own free will, rather than being affected by others. It is obvious that nowadays many people try hard to stay in shape for fear of how others may judge them.


  I remember that 9 years ago, I gained7kg when preparing for the College Entrance Exams because of the overwhelming pressure. I actually didn’t eat much. What was worse, the more weight I gained, the more pressure I felt. It had become a vicious circle which made me so ashamed of my fat body.


  Then I picked up a new hobby —— running. I was driven by the goal to lose weight at first, but then I discovered that there was more than that. The course of running was the best time I talked to myself and my body. It was satisfactory that running made me healthier and happier, but what I found really rewarding was that I learned to love my body in a different way.



  In my opinion, people should stop their obsession with having a perfect body shape.


  The importance of staying in shape is overrated. Many people, especially young girls, care too much about how others think of their figure. Even some underweight girls claim themselves as being too fat and take losing weight as their urgent needs. I think this misconception is mainly caused by certain social biases.


  Take fashion industry as an example. It has long been the dominant trend that most fashion brands only use tall slim models, which has greatly misled the public by narrowing the definition of beauty.


  Thankfully, more and more academics, celebrities, bloggers, and people from other areas are reclaiming beauty in different directions. Beauty comes in different sizes and shapes. Physical and emotional well-being always outweighs staying in shape.



  an/one's obsession with sth 对......痴迷/迷恋

  She would try to get rid of her obsession with chocolate.她会试图摆脱对巧克力的迷恋。

  a dominant/growing trend 主流/上升......趋势

  There has been a growing trend that women work in politics. 妇女从政的趋势日益明显。

  形容词dominant 主要的;主导的(more important, strong, or noticeable than anything else of the same type)

  动词dominate. v.支配,控制, 统治

  名词dominance 统治或支配地位

  He refuses to listen to others and dominates everything. 他总是拒绝听别人的话,专横跋扈。

  The right hand is dominant for most people. 多数人习惯用右手。

  dominance反义词submission 归顺,服从


  The gene for brown eyes is dominant. 生成棕色眼睛的基因是显性的。

  反义词 recessive 隐性的

  sth comes in (different forms/sizes/shapes)… 某事/物以......呈现

  Beauty comes in different sizes and shapes. 不同的体型身材皆可为美。

  Success comes in different forms. 成功的方式有很多种。

  overrated 表示被高估的、评价过高的

  She's an overrated singer. 她是一位被高估的高手。

  overweight 超重的;underweight 偏瘦的、体重过轻的

  He is slightly overweight. 他有些超重了。

  underweight girls 偏瘦的女孩

  be driven by 被......所驱动,目标是......

  I was driven by the goal to lose weight at first. 我一开始的目标是减肥。

  Our desire to achieve success should not be driven by money and fame. 我们对成功的渴望不应该被金钱和名誉所驱动。

  I'm going for it. 正在努力(做某事)



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