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  1. 正在中邦,手机媒体的崛起一经成为一个不争底细,无线广告即是以增添企业产物或任事为目标所做的悉数无线撒播,现正在要紧有短信、彩信、彩铃、WAPPush,WAP站点广告等杀青的手机广告大局。

  Be in China, of mobile phone media arisen had become not to dispute a fact, wireless advertisement is everything what do in order to extend company product or service for purpose place wireless transmission, basically have bell of letter of short message, colour, colour, WAPPush at present, the form of mobile phone advertisement of the implementation such as WAP site advertisement.

  2. 彩铃的近义词

  2. 谁能助我翻译下摘要?不要正在线翻译的,要郑重呀,我真的有急用。归纳智能网及彩铃交易摘要归纳智能网交易是正在守旧智能网的基本上引入归纳交易左右点和归纳交易统治点成长起来的,同时援救PSDN,GSM和CDMA等汇集的制定,处理守旧智能网因为各汇集互相独立、交易之间互不相闭,给三网之间的互联互通带来的空难,杀青三网交易的互通互享。

  Integrated Intelligent Network and CRBT Service Abstract Integrated Intelligent Network business is in traditional intelligent network on the basis of the introduction of integrated service control points and integrated business management point to develop, while supporting PSDN, GSM and CDMA networks, such as an agreement to resolve because of the traditional Intelligent Network Network of mutual independence, business between non-related to the three network interoperability between the crash and realizing the exchange of the three network business to enjoy each other.

  3. 彩铃的反义词

  3. ez-i供给席卷e-mail、彩铃下载、逛戏、股票来往、银行任事、购物/订购、交通消息/定位和文娱正在内的任事。

  I ez - including e-mail, download ring tones, games, stock trading, banking services, shopping/ordering, traffic information/entertainment, and location services.

  4. 彩铃的翻译

  4. 手机网站增添法。wap 网站、群发短信、彩铃提示等。

  Mobile Web Promotion Act. wap sites, mass messaging, ring tones and notifications.

  5. 针对bbs的还要分类好比手机的可能抉择(摩托罗拉、诺基亚、黑莓、苹果等品牌的名称还可能抉择型号大凡我为新产物、经典机型的还可能抉择彩铃下载、图铃下载、手机铃声等)。

  Be aimed at Bbs what pide analogy to be like a mobile phone even is OK choice the name of the brand such as Motolora, Nuojiya, blackberry, apple is OK still choice type is common what I am new product, classical model is OK still download of bell of download of choice colour bell, graph, .

  6. 彩铃实质:您好,迎接您致电大风车玩具有限公司,这里是您胜利的开始。

  Hello, welcome to call the Great Windmill Toy Co., Ltd., here is your starting point for success.

  7. C:我思请问一下,你们的彩铃交易是什么?

  I want to ask something about the cailing service.

  8. 彩铃是什么趣味

  8. 中转移宣告的数字显示,中转移本年的彩铃下载数目大幅增进了99.8%,到达6亿次,而行为手机音乐下载流派领军企业的A8音乐的成长也随之受益。

  The figure that shift announces in shows, the colour bell this year moves to downloaded an amount to grow 99.8% considerably in, achieve 600 million times, and as mobile phone music download portal is gotten army the development of the A8 music of the enterprise also is benefited subsequently.

  9. 摘 要:近年来,彩铃交易为终端用户供给一个可能显示己方本性的平台,而小开放汇集中彩铃交易的成长,知足了空阔小开放用户的本性化需求。

  Nowadays, CRBT in PHS has been greatly developed, and to a great extent, which meets the CRBT users` personal demands.

  10. 彩铃的翻译

  10. 记得你说过喜爱这首歌,以是手机彩铃就不绝舍不得换。

  Still I remember your telling me liking this cantus, I was reluctant to change a phone ring.

  11. 彩铃实质:迎接致电汕头市雅致佳实业有限公司,我公司专业出产塑料套梳系列,迎接您的亲临辅导!

  Welcome call ShanTou gao ya jia Industries Limited, the company specialized in the production of plastic sets Salisbury I series welcomes your visit guide!

  12. 彩铃正在线翻译

  12. 我思要一种听起来像别人给我钱那样的彩铃。

  Id like a ring tone that sounds like people giving me money.

  13. 小王急速疏解,并随即换了彩铃,还为女同伴买了礼品,吐露歉意。

  So embarrassed was Xiao Wang that he made an immediate apology to his girl friend. To mollify her, he changed his CRBT and bought her a gift.

  14. 正在知足用户消息传达与常识获取的需求方面,咱们有QQ.Com流派、QQ即时通信用具以及岁首收购的Foxmail电子邮件;知足用户群体调换和资源共享的方面,腾讯推出的私人博客Qzone将与咱们拜访量极大的论坛、闲话室、QQ群互相协同;正在知足用户本性显现和文娱任事方面,腾讯具有非凡胜利的虚拟形势产物QQshow、QQpet和QQGameQQMusic/Radio/LiveTV产物,其它敌手机用户供给彩铃、彩信等无线增值交易;正在知足用户的来往需求方面,特意为腾讯用户所策画开辟的c2c电子商务平台拍拍网一经上线,并和全面社区平台无缝整合。

  Tencent`s persified products satisfy usersmulti-requirements in their daily life, such as QQ. com, QQ IM and Foxmail acquired in early of 2005 for transmitting information and obtaining knowledge; personalized Blog, Q-zone together with our BBS, chatting room and group discussion function making group communication and sharing resources more easily; characterized showing and entertainment being satisfied by QQ show, QQ pet, QQ game and QQ music/ radio/ TV on live, the special wireless value-added service, color ring and message just for those mobile users; an C2C website, Paipai. com being designed and developed for our Tencents users, now it is already combined with other products seamlessly.

  15. 彩铃大凡都吊挂用歌曲的上涨局部,经常都左右正在15秒内,省得给通讯汇集带来过重的肩负。

  The ringback tones are usually the peak part of a song, lasting just 15 seconds gor fear of bringing heavy burden to communication network.

  16. 咱们任事于各行各业,收费合理,一次性缴费,恒久任事和享福,为大中小企业供给一个低价的广告平台,本公司稳重答应:凡正在本公司做的彩铃通通免费赠送500条短信群发,从此加众和淘汰号码都免费供给任事,做到真正的一次性收费,恒久任事。

  We serve all walks of life, the charges are reasonable, one-time fee, permanent services and enjoyment for the medium and small enterprises to provide a low-cost advertising platform, the Company solemn promise: Where in the company to do all the ring tones 500 free message mass, after the increase and decrease the number of services are provided free of charge, so as to realize a one-time fee, permanent service.

  17. 本文起初通过对守旧智能网和归纳智能网的道理、机闭和法式等的比拟领悟,探索了杀青固定智能网和转移智能网之间的互联互通的需要性和可行性;然后探索转移智能网的编制机闭及交易运用,这此中有GSM运用的CAMEL法式,CAMEL编制机闭以及CAP制定;结果商讨固定电话彩铃交易的杀青计划。

  In this paper, through the traditional intelligent network and integrated intelligent network of principle, structure and standards such as the comparative analysis to study the realization of fixed intelligent network and mobile intelligent network interoperability between the necessity and feasibility studies and Mobile Intelligent Network Architecture and business applications, this is an application 彩铃是什么意思 彩铃在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义词例句 of the CAMEL GSM standard, CAMEL architecture and the CAP agreement on the last business fixed telephone CRBT the realization of the programme.

  18. 由此证据,该本领计划为PSTN创造了新的成长空间,可能敏捷、低本钱面向全网用户供给固网预付费、固网彩铃等增值交易。

  This technology creates a new space for the PSTN, provides value-added services fast, low-costly to the network-wide users with fixed network prepaid, fixed network ringtones.

  19. 目前的墟市主打产物为无线互动营销软件和固话商务彩铃产物。

  The current main product market for wireless interactive marketing software and fixed CRBT Business Products.

  20. 彩铃交易,即ColoringRingBackTone交易(简称CRBT),也叫本性化回铃音交易,是由交易用户为也许呼唤己方转移电话的主叫用户设定的一种本性化任事。

  Crbt, which means coloring ring back tone service or personalized ring back tone service, is a personalized service that called subscriber can set for calling subscriber.

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